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Luggage Policy

There are two options provided. The first option is to hire the Sedans and Luxury Sedans which offer space for 4 passengers and 3 standard size luggages. The second option is to hire an SUV, which offers space for 6 people and 6 luggage of standard size.  

Credit Card Policy

The credit card policy is in compliance with the need for pre-approval which requires the credit or debit card number of the customer in advance. This is done in order to secure the anticipated total including the tools, additional stops, gratuity, and waiting time. The pre-approval process does not charge for the payment for the trip. It is done for reservation purposes only. A preliminary hold is made and that is equivalent to 150% of the quoted fare is placed on the card.  

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel a trip, you must inform NYC Limo Service before three hours of the pick-up if the pick-up happens to be from New York City 5 Boroughs including Airports. If the pick-up needs to be made from anywhere in Connecticut, Westchester, Newark Airport or New Jersey, then the information has to be relayed at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled time. If you are unable to cancel the trip, then you will be charged a fee from your card. To inform us, use the following details: For writing to us, Email us at info@nyclimoservice.us For Phone drop a line at 1-718- 304-7604.  

No Show

In case you are not reachable and you are not present at the spot on the scheduled time, the NYC Limo Service will wait for you for an allowed 15 minutes after which your case will be treated as a no-show and charged will be made. If no information is communicated to the service, then the passenger will be abandoned after 15 minutes.  


NYC Limo Service will not be held responsible for cases where there are transportation problems, delayed arrivals, consequential damages, service failure or any kind of inconvenience caused. NYC Limo Service recommends you to check the weather conditions and verify the time of departure of the airline. During peak hours, flights get delayed often so you must confirm the exact time of the departure. It is suggested that the customer makes a Call at 1-718- 304-7604 to check the availability of the car if the booking has to be done on the same day or 12 hours before the flight.  

Privacy Policy

It should be noted that the information about customers is not used for any other purpose apart from reservation purposes communication of NYC Limo Service and the customer. From time to time, NYC Limo Service may send special offers, information about the functional changes made on the website of NYC Limo Service, and about the services provided by NYC Limo Service. The security system is strong and well built with firewalls and latest technologies so you can be rest assured that your information will not be used, sold or accessed for unauthorized purposes.

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